Tips on choosing the best travel umroh

Choose suitable and easy travel for Umrah pilgrims certainly is in need. In such circumstances it is no wonder if many naughty organizing Umrah travel, by the Minister of Religious Affairs therefore gives advice on how to choose a good Umrah travel and have permission from the government’s official perpetually. If we choose the wrong agency umra then obviously we will lose time, energy and material. On the need for careful attention in choosing the travel that is umroh murah desember not exposed fraud, how? Below will describe more.

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Tips for Choosing Umrah with Good

  1. The first time that should be done is to check and make sure that we’ve really registered and organizing Umrah travel already has permission from the Ministry of Religion. If our name is not on that list would be much better then resign from the travel and select the travel umroh other official.

And what do we know that the travel umroh it official or not? nah no way certain way that we can use to check. The first, just go around the religion department office area, respectively. then asked the officer is there a list of PPIU already really official. Second, go to the official website of the ministry of religion, namely then locate the registered Umrah travel there, if not then it is not an official travel.

  1. check the departure schedule is really sure. To travel umroh already authorized to scheduled departure will certainly be on informed since registering, if the travel that you choose only give them know month alone it must be questioned because it should travel umroh must already have a definite schedule and directly tell pilgrims umra when registering ,
  2. The next step is to check the reliability of the package cost of pilgrimage in the offer. Check the balance and fairness of the charges in offer with the facilities on offer, make sure there are no irregularities and the things that come out of the needs of Umrah pilgrims at a cost that is issued.
  3. Check the name and location of the hotel that will be used. See distance that will be traveled to get to the Masjid harom and make sure the quality of the hotel at a cost that is issued was appropriate and did not disappoint.
  4. VISA Umrah inspect and confirm to PPUI about the status of which will be obtained from the Saudi Arabian government.
  5. Check the aircraft that will be used whether direct or transit. if you want cheaper then it should be the first transit.
  6. Check accommodation and Consumption. In order to remove the charges in accordance and balanced with the facilities and the food that will be obtained.
  7. Be sure and ask if we would get the current supervisor in Saudi or not.
  8. If the prospective Umrah Jemaah require special services make Umrah travel in the message it presents and able to serve her.
  9. Umrah travel Choose the best that can provide good accommodation, do not choose Umrah plus travel cost so as not to regret later.

When troubleshooting tips above are met and implemented properly then insha Allah who is chosen will travel in accordance with what is expected and desired.


Benefits and efficacy of freshly squeezed lemon juice to fertility and program are pregnant. If you’re in the program are pregnant, sometimes you hear advice from someone you know about fertility treatments naturally effective. In addition to advice or suggestions to improve fertility, chances are you’ll also get advice on matters that can impede fertility, such as alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, weight loss is not ideal and many more. Experts generally agree that food intake is the key to fertility.

Lemon Water Benefits For Fertility

Have you heard about the benefits of lemon juice to fertility?

Lemon juice has many health benefits. However, is it true that lemon juice believed to increase fertility in couples who are pregnant program? It has long lemon water known and trusted by many women as an alternative to improve fertility and help to get pregnant fast. The use of lemon water for fertility originated from ancient Chinese medical tradition that is plentiful with natural ingredients to treat and prevent disease.

Lemon is a fruit that is loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants.

First and foremost you should know, the white water have been used to cook very well to increase fertility. Water increases the production of cervical mucus, whereas cervical mucus itself is very important in the process of fertilization. Without the cervical mucus, sperm can not reach the egg. In addition, if the cervical mucus you the quantity and the quality is good, then it will really help the sperm to stay alive for a few days while waiting for the egg ready to be fertilized. Well, if you add juice lemon into the water, you will increase fertility and your chances of conceiving. Every day, our bodies are bombarded by harmful free radicals from pollution and food. Free radicals are harmful to the health of sperm, eggs and other reproductive organs. This is where the importance of antioxidants. Antioxidants contained in lemon water will fight free radicals that make your body ready for conception. This is why lemon juice is very effective to overcome fertility problems. Other benefits of freshly squeezed lemon water for fertility is, has no side effects because it comes from a natural source. You can continue to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice, even if you are already pregnant. You can also keep drinking water lemon juice even if there are certain drugs that are prescribed by your doctor.

The health benefits of lemon water are: detoxification of toxins, hormonal balance, improved immunity, heart health, digestive health, and skin.


How do I drink water lemon juice for fertility treatments?

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into a glass of warm water.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice for fertility can be consumed at any time. Nonetheless, we advise you to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning, right when just woken up. Instead you drink hot coffee or tea (which contains caffeine is bad for fertility), freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with warm water is much better for health and fertility. in addition, the herb juice lemon juice and a glass of warm water can also help to stimulate a bowel movement in the morning. If you or your spouse love to read a good book about the strategy of how to get pregnant fast and tips on maximizing fertility at different ages, see our review of the bestselling guide How To Get Pregnant .May you always healthy!

Umrah Travel Tips for Choosing the Best

As a Muslim of course almost all of us aspire to visit the Holy Land, to be a guest of God and to trace the history of the messengers of God who brought enlightenment to the world.Unfortunately, to be able to perform the pilgrimage schedule or waiting list waiting pilgrims could be years so while waiting for some of them choose to run the first pilgrimage. To be able to carry out the ritual journey we require the services of a travel umroh that provides pilgrimage services to umrah desember 2016 help facilitate the community.

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Service umroh Good for travel services


Certainly every Umrah pilgrims willed obtain optimal service and facilities that pilgrimage is a convenient walk and solemn. To add your insights, the following is the service from the service provider according to standards that have been set for the pilgrims.

  • Tickets go home and go to the air transport airline Umrah packages that are tailored to the selected pilgrims.
  • The service provider must assist pilgrims in visa at a cost that is included in the travel package rates.
  • Hajj and Umrah travel should also provide equipment for the worshipers such as luggage, handbags, guide books and prayer books, bags passport, identity card, and mukena ihram clothing, and uniforms.
  • Travel companies also have to take care of accommodations or lodging pilgrims during religious practices both in the city of Mecca or Medina. Traveler tailored hotel with categories Umrah packages that are preferred by consumers (non-star, 3 star hotel, 4, and 5). When the hotel is full, the company is responsible for finding its place with similar rankings.
  • The service provider is responsible for providing meals or catering 3 times a day. There is now very much catering to the Indonesian-style menu, so that the pilgrims do not have to worry about losing his appetite while in the holy land.
  • Local transport in cities places of worship run, namely Jeddah, Medina, Mecca, and returned to Jeddah. Including transportation during the running times of worship with a decent car and driver who could speak Indonesian.
  • Travel should support the implementation of the pillars of Umrah pilgrims.
  • The service provider is also responsible for managing the handicraft form of zam-zam water to a predetermined amount.
  • Handling fee and airport tax has been included in the package cost Umrah pilgrims who have been concerned.

In addition to the above services, the company also provides such services at the top, travel best Umrah and professionals are also responsible for providing guidance rituals of preparation before starting the pilgrimage. Thus pilgrims are expected to run smoothly pilgrimage Shari’a compliant predetermined. Direction and guidance of mentors umra should also be performed during the pilgrimage.

Which is an additional facility of the company’s travel provider specific Umrah is an aid in the passport or renewing passports,travel umroh jakarta that provide such facilities to the pilgrims who live in the capital. From the above we can conclude that the actual tasks and responsibilities of Umrah and Hajj travel agency is to ensure the implementation of the activities of pilgrimage or Hajj pilgrims who are their clients with optimal. It started from the time the trip went to the holy land, the implementation of the various activities of worship, and return to their homeland.


Tips Before Going Umroh Part 5

A. Tips Go To Haram.

  1. 1. Use transparent bag for an investigation at the mosque went smoothly and easily. Choose a bag with rope rather long to be in the circle on the shoulders while performing tawaf and sa’i;
  2. 2.Complete your bag with umroh desember  the following items:

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a) mat is not too wide and easy to fold;

b) a small Qur’an or prayer books;

c) plastic bags for slippers;

d) plastic bottles for Zamzam water before returning to the inn;

e) Sunglasses or sunglasses;

f) Money taste for alms.

g) Do not carry too many items as it will slow down the process of examination by the officers;

h) Do not get too much carry the groceries into the mosque, because the officer will ask you to leave out;

i) Do not carry a cell phone, let alone a camera that is equipped.


B. Safety Tips When Thawaf.

  1. Do not get separated from the group or partner. If you are female, you should not thawaf alone;
  2. Follow the current round of tawaf, do not cross over because I wanted to approach the Kaaba;
  3. Save money in a bag attached to our bodies. Try not to bring in significant amounts of money when tawaf.


C. Tips Kissing the Black Stone.

  1. Intention to lay to kiss the Black Stone because it follows the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.Dress decently, not lead HP, cameras, and other valuables;
  2. Kiss the Black Stone should be scheduled separately in the other day, do not join with execution of umrah;
  3. Departure from the hotel with full conviction that Allah will certainly help us;
  4. Pray when entering the Haram in humility;
  5. Pray when I saw the Kaaba with great anticipation;
  6. As much as possible to respect the Haram by tawaf, then pray sunnah Tawaf behind Maqam Ibrahim;
  7. After two cycles sunnah prayers, pray before trying to kiss the Black Stone in front Multazam;
  8. Try to approach the Black Stone without cutting the flow of pilgrims are Tawaf. Follow the flow of Tawaf while approaching Multazam;
  9. Instead, you enter from the door of the Kaaba or Multazam praying and faith to not harm other worshipers fellow worshipers even be rude;
  10. From the door of the Kaaba, continue to move closer to the wall and try to approach the foot Ashkar (guard) and do not ever approached from the front of the Black Stone, because it can be driven by the pilgrims who had kissed the Black Stone;
  11. As he approached the Black Stone, while on foot kick Ashkar or in Multazam, takbir while waiting for passengers in front of us kissing. Keep marble at the foot of the police or kiswah on it when it is close to Stone that we are not tempted to have in front of us;
  12. Tilting the body when the queue will be easier for us. Body position overlooking Multazam, then set it onto the left shoulder of the Black Stone, and still holds the position of the marble hand gaiters Ashkar. When to kiss the Black Stone, hold on tight end kiswah nearby;
  13. Without raised voices, keep praying. When kissing the Black Stone, saying “Allahu Akbar Bismillaahi”. After the kiss, wipe the Black Stone with the right hand while reading “Bismillaahi Allahu Akbar, Allaahumma iimaanan bika wa tashidiiqan bikitaabika wa sunnati nabiyyika” (In the name of Allah, Allah is Great, God, with faith in you and confirming your and the Sunnah of your Prophet). While kissing, do not be too long in order not to scold by Ashkar and pilgrims who queue. Just once kissed it;
  14. After kissing and rubbing, so that we are not crushed and trampled by other pilgrims, while the position we are still in front of the Black Stone and wanted to get out, lift your right leg over syadarwan or foundation Kaaba side under the Black Stone. It aims to gather steam before getting out of the urging worshipers. By pressing the foot to syadarwan, we can come out with the assistance of the foot on the side of the body;
  15. Exit plans without hurting the other pilgrims. If not intentionally harm katakana “Ma’alis” (sorry) while holding the shoulder. When going out of the circle of Tawaf, never impede the flow of Tawaf
  16. Do not kiss the Black Stone is Sunnah for mothers unless deserted of people tawaf. That’s because they endanger the security;
  17. Half an hour before the call to prayer, usually forbidden for women to circumambulate and kiss the Black Stone. At these times, men more freely kiss the Black Stone;
  18. After kissing the Black Stone, thanks profusely.

Benefits of Drinking Water Lemon Body

Lemon is one fruit that is known to be used as a beverage for a distinctive flavor and a refreshing smell. Lemon is used in lemonade, soft drinks, cocktails and teas. Lemon has many benefits. In some countries, the lemon is used as a remedy to overcome health problems. Thus, the lemon is a type of citrus fruit that is popular to be used in a variety of ways. In use regular lemon combined with other beneficial ingredients such as honey, salt, etc. to improve benefits.

benefits of drinking lemon water for the body

The nutritional content of lemon juice As we all know, lemon is a source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper functioning and healthy for the body. Lemon has a low calorie (29 cal / 100gm), low in cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Like most citrus fruits, lemon is also a very rich source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 (thiamine) in smaller quantities. Some of the minerals contained in lemon including copper, calcium and potassium. Copper has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory. Calcium is needed for bones and teeth while potassium helps maintain pH balance and fluid. A variety of beneficial nutrients it contains make lemon water and lemon drinks other very beneficial for health. So this time we will discuss the benefits of drinking water properties of lemon and lemon juice. Below is a tremendous benefit of lemon water that you can take in various forms.

The benefits of drinking lemon water every morning

What you eat in the morning much to affect your health and your energy.To start the day healthy and refreshing glass of lemon water in the morning is the right choice. Drinking lemon juice in the morning provides amazing benefits to your health as below.
Healthy mouth
cup of lemon juice in the morning is good for oral health. The anti-bacterial eliminate oral bacteria responsible for causing bad breath. A nti-bacteria relieve toothache and many oral diseases such as gingivitis. Lemon water also helps make white teeth since it contains natural whitening. After drinking lemon water should rinse with water to avoid damage to the tooth enamel.

Mood / good mood
Bad mood will ruin your day. Drinking lemon water in the morning will improve your mood. This can be attributed to the revitalization of mood by the refreshing smell of lemon .In addition also minimizes anxiety and depression because vitamin C contained in lemon is a natural stress reducer.

How to Arrange Living Room Size Looks So Small

How do I make a small living room to appear wider? House prices soared increasingly making purchasing power of the home is limited. Some people are just able to buy a home with minimalist type that would give the rooms a very limited extent.

Having a small house or with limited space does not mean to make you uncomfortable. you can actually make your home become comfortable with doing some tricks. For those of you who have a living room with a limited area, you can take some simple steps that certainly does not make your pocket or your wallet becomes thinner.

Selection of furniture for the living room

One way that you become a small living room look more spacious is to select the furniture or furniture whose design is minimalist. If your living room is now full of sofa fabric looks great then you can begin to get rid of the large sofa.

Replace it with a long wooden chair with a simple model. You can beautify with some fruit pillows. For a table in the living room should you choose for your guest rooms are equipped with storage racks at the bottom or fitted with drawers.

It will make you easier to store various objects such as newspapers, magazines or other things and still make a living room look neat. To beautify your living room, you can also add a table lamp with a minimalist design yet still elegant. This will create a corner of your living room becomes sweeter.

You can also add the carpet under your living room table. Look for rugs with designs or motifs are simple and you should avoid using the classical style carpets such as Persian rugs and Turkish rugs. Persian rugs and Turkish rugs are usually only suitable for a very large room and classic shades. You can replace the classic carpet with carpet lines or other motives that modern feel.

Thus you can further explore the most appropriate design for your living room. In fact, if you are observant, you actually can combine more than one type of design theme as part of your living room, and the results can be even more dynamic.

Guest Room Design Lesehan More Lega and Irit
Guaranteed, you will never feel bored with the design of your living room. Likewise with your guests. They will surely linger and gave praise to the living room design that you choose and apply.

Play of colors in the small living room would normally make you should Extra caution. Not all colors are suitable for your living room is small. If you choose the wrong colors, it can be your living room would increase the small and narrow and make everyone in it feels uncomfortable.

We recommend that you determine a theme for your living room. For example, you can choose a black and white theme for your living room. Black and white theme is also included modern theme that is perfect for your living room is cramped. Selection of flooring dark color combined with the selection of wall colors and light-colored furnishings like white.

You also can combine chairs brightly colored living room with a table in the living room a dark color. You should also pay attention to the accessories were added in a small living room. We recommend to the curtains in your living room, you choose a flimsy material and choose a light color.

This will maximize the sunlight to get into your living room and make your living room into a broader look. Extra wide glass in your living room is also one of the strategies to make your living room into a broader look.

Best Diving point in the Thousand Islands

Living in the capital Jakarta and want to feel how exciting to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea do not have to go far to get to the Bunaken or Raja Ampat as the Thousand Islands, or often referred to as the Thousand Islands also has a fascinating underwater universe.


Gili cat fast boat booking .Thousand Islands that have been established since 2002 as Thousand Islands National Park, has a rich underwater world for harboring 242 species of coral, 130 species of coral and a variety of wildlife and other marine life. With his fortune is worth mentioning the Thousand Islands as one of the divers paradise in our beloved country, Indonesia.

Best Diving point in the Thousand Islands

Everywhere best dive spots in the Thousand Islands? Here are some of them:

1. Pulau Pramuka

The waters around Pulau Pramuka very suitable dived by Hula Hoppers who first tasted the thrill of enjoying the underwater world. In waters that are not too deep, only about 15 meters, Hula Hoppers can learn snorkeling while watching the beauty of the reef. Tired enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, white sand on the island could be the perfect location to take off fatigue.

2. Bake Island

The next best dive spots in the Thousand Island Hoppers can Hulaa encountered in the waters that surround the island Bake. Although inhabited by sizeable populations, Bake Island waters proved to have a natural underwater quite fascinating. When diving, Hulaa Hoppers can watch hampara soft coral is amazing.

3. Wind Wood Island Tile

On arriving at the island, Hulaa Hoppers are greeted with white sand and water that is very tempting to immediately dive beauty. Colorful fish passing through the reefs seemed to tempt all visitors to quickly feel the thrill of diving in the waters of Pulau Kayu Angin tiles.

4. Island Melinjo

Waters that surround the island Melinjo also has the best dive spots in the Thousand Islands. Located in the western part of the Thousand Islands National Park, in the underwater nature Hulaa Hoppers will be greeted with a view of the coral massive very amazing. Flows in Melinjo Island waters is not too strong so it is quite convenient to activities snorkeling or diving.

5. Scout Island

When diving in waters that exist in Pramuka Island, Hoppers will meet with the sunken wreck tabula rasa exciting and challenging in which to dive. The depth of the underwater world here about 30 meters long with a maximum distance of 10 meters so it’s quite convenient for diving activities.

6. China’s Grave Island

The island has white sand is also mandatory Hoppers visit if you want to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea. Bodies of uninhabited islands has a panorama of soft corals is quite high. Shallow waters and crystal clear waters will make the experience the natural beauty of the underwater dive more memorable.

7. Petondan Island East

Has a maximum depth of up to 32 meters, East Petondan Island waters also have best dive spots in the Thousand Islands. Here, divers will meet with shipwrecks are already very old sink that was overgrown with lots of coral and become comfortable shelter for the fish of the sea. Not only has the fascinating underwater realm, Petondan Island also has a land that is no less enchanting.


Honey and Cinnamon Chime-Feel Variety

Who does not know Honey and Cinnamon? The majority of people would know and even tried them with a variety of purposes, either simply to sample the sweet taste or to cure certain diseases.

Honey, especially a natural extract which is very beneficial for treating various diseases. The use of honey as an alternative treatment not only by the Eastern people, but also the West.

Honey and Cinnamon

Maybe you do not know and understand well the properties and benefits of honey and cinnamon mixed. If the efficacy of honey alone is devastating many consider, what if then combined with cinnamon equally has its own benefits for health?

Efficacy Honey has even been known since the time of the Greek past, which many people use honey for treatment technique means Ayurvedic his.

That is quite interesting is the fact that honey is very much usefulness. Scientists confusion actually define what the main benefits of this honey. What is clear, though Honey tastes sweet, yet safe when used by people with diabetes.

Can not wait to find out how a property that would be obtained if Honey and cinnamon are combined? Here is the true number of diseases that can be overcome by using a mixture of both.

Arthritis or joint inflammation
How to? Very easy. Prepare a few spoonfuls of honey, mix in lukewarm water. Then, add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Stir until evenly distributed. Then, massage into the affected part. In effect, the pain will be reduced only within one to two minutes. If consumed regularly, these herbs can help cure chronic arthtritis.

Terebut fact reinforced by research conducted by Copenhagen University showing that 73 of 200 patients who had been given a drink honey and cinnamon as breakfast, arthritisnya recovered.

Hair loss
You are experiencing hair loss problems? From now on, do not worry because there are alternative ways that can be used ie with a mixture of honey, cinnamon, and oil Olives.

The trick, mix the three ingredients. Then, stir until evenly distributed. Then, apply to the head are experiencing hair loss. Let stand for 15 minutes. After that, then washed.

Tooth ache
Many people say it’s better than the pain of toothache. How about you? Whatever it is, certainly feel toothache extremely disturbing.

If a tooth ache, you can overcome it with a mixture of one teaspoon of cinnamon together with 5 teaspoons of honey. If it is so, oleskanlah these ingredients on the aching tooth. Use three times a day until the tooth eventually recovered.

Mix a few spoonfuls of honey with 3 tablespoons cinnamon tea plus water could actually reduce cholesterol levels significantly. Even Pure honey taken consistently can help you in lowering cholesterol.

It turns out that the use of honey and cinnamon to help couples who want to get the seed has been done long ago. Once there was a couple in Maryland, US, who was not blessed with children for 14 years.

Then, after knowing the properties of honey and cinnamon can help cure infertility, finally both tried. And what happened?

After eating Honey and Cinnamon regularly, his wife became pregnant and gave birth to twins. How, by taking a mixture of honey and cinnamon on a regular basis, before going to bed.

That some of the properties obtained from a mixture of honey and cinnamon to cure various kinds of diseases-such as has been described above.

Actually, there are several other diseases that can be cured by eating Honey and Cinnamon routine that. Indeed, the way treatment is inexpensive and reliable. Anyone ought to try a combination of both!

How to Make Yummy Cup Cake

Cupcake is a tiny cake stored in paper-lined bowl. Cupcake was first developed in America in the 19th century. Cakes Cupcake often referred to as 1, 2, 3 refers to the dose of the ingredients used. Cupcake is very popular in America. Best Waffle Maker some shop bakery crowded with many visitors just to buy a bowl of various flavors of this cake.

how to make a cup cake

Cupcake made ​​from flour, butter, eggs, and sugar which is then added to the various toping with diverse variations such as Butter Cream, Cream Whipp, Frosting, Chocolate Cooking and others. Cupcake also managed to lure Indonesian society. Cupcake prices range from Rp 15,000. of the purchase price is quite expensive, it is better to try to make their own cup cake creations, how to make a cup cake is also quite easy anyway.

How to Make Sense Cupcake Brown
Who does not like chocolate? in addition to the delicious taste of chocolate can also be added in food is no exception cupcake. Here’s how to make a cup cake chocolate:

Materials Needed to Make Chocolate Cup Cake:

100 gr margarine, melted
100 gr sugar
75 grams of cooking chocolate, melted
75 g flour
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp emulsifer
½ tbsp milk powder
3 eggs
How to make :

The first step of whipped eggs, emulsifer and sugar until fluffy, then add the flour Trigu, milk powder and baking powder sifted, then mix well.
Second, put the margarine and chocolate have melted into the dough, stir until smooth
Prepare muffin with pedestal peper cup, pour the batter into the muffin until filled ¾. Then steamed until cooked about 15 minutes. Remove and let cool.
Walla. Cup cake ready to be served
How to Make Cheese Cake Cup
If you are not satisfied with just making chocolate cupcake flavors, maybe you can make a cup cake the other variants. Make a cup cake cheese might be your choice.

Substances Should be Prepared:

200 g flour
120 gr sugar
100 grams of cheddar cheese cheese, cut into pieces
100 gr butter
200 ml of sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons baking powder
¼ tsp salt
2 eggs
Steps Make a Cup Cake :

The first step cream the butter and sugar until smooth, add eggs
Then, add the condensed milk and flour alternately, stir again until evenly
Pour the mixture into molds and sprinkle grated cheese on top
After the roast in the oven for 30 minutes and then removed
Cup cake cheese ready to be served.

Once you know how to make a cup cake , you do not need to bother having to buy cup cake that are quite expensive per seed. Besides being able to add your creativity, you also will receive more praise if you cup cake into a cup cake is homemade.

Xiaomi Yi Action: New Competitors GoPro Cameras

Xiaomi, new manufacturers from Taiwan engaged in the Smartphone is very competitive with other woods vendors recently. Not only producing Smartphone, a new breakthrough that has been done in the near future Xiaomi is launching a digital camera with a specification that is the maximum. This camera is named Xiaomi Yi Action.


Canon pixma ip2772 driver .Reportedly Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is going to be a competitor for a camera that is not foreign to the GoPro Hero. As we know the famous GoPro camera with a tiny camera but has a high level of quality.Therefore Xiaomi Yi Action Camera will provide higher quality results with the resolution of the camera is great.

Yi Action, camera with small dimensions is able to record video with a resolution of 1080p 60 fps, as well as with the support of Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 16 MP camera is able to produce shots with first-rate quality. The recording capacity slightly superior than the GoPro Hero.

Another advantage possessed  Xiaomi Yi Action Camera  that can be used to shoot in water with a depth of about 40 meters under water. Depth is already a maximum depth of dives standard of photocall.

 Xiaomi also beat GoPro Hero in terms of memory. The storage capacity of the internal memory is doubled when compared with the GoPro Hero, which amounted to 64 GB. Even with the lighter weight, that is equal to 72 grams, while the GoPro Hero has a weight of 111 g.

For matters of Power, Batteries brought by Yi Action Camera also has a greater capacity than the GoPro Hero. Xiaomi Yi also has a smartphone application, so that it can be controlled remotely for shooting or editing photos already taken from Xiaomi Yi.

Xiaomi Yi Acton Camera also comes with accessories for those of you who likes selfie, because this camera has been equipped with selfie sticks or often referred to tongsis and saddles that could be used in helmets or bikes. So that the photo shoot would be very easy if you use Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

But for those of you who want , Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is only sold in China and has not been entered in the global market. Parties Xiaomi will open an online shop with products specifically Xiaomi, so for those of you who want to buy Xiaomi smartphones and a variety of products can go directly to the web. Xiaomi product is now in the drill because everyone has a unique design and full specifications at a price that is not too expensive.

On price, Xiaomi Yi will not be too draining your pocket. Yi Action Camera is sold with a price tag of 399 yuan, or if rupiah Rp 900 thousands. GoPro Hero while the selling price of about 130 dollars (or about $ 2 million).